Our Services

Project Excellence, Data Analysis, Analytics

Project Planning and Execution

FrontierPS has the background, experience and talent to effectively plan and execute any drilling, completions and/or wellpad project. We use an Integrated Project Delivery Model (IPDM) in pursuit of project delivery excellence.

Completions, stimulations, detailed engineering and design

Detailed Engineering and Design

FrontierPS places extreme emphasis on the value of detailed engineering and design. This is becoming more and more critical to ensure well integrity as the latest generation of unconventional horizontal wells push the limit in terms of lateral length and stimulation pressure.

licensee liability rating asset retirement solutions

Asset Life Cycle Liability Management

FrontierPS has the ability to manage your Asset life cycle including Licensee Liability Management Rating (LMR) and asset retirement solutions.

Lookbacks, Technical Limit, Variance Analysis

Data Analysis

FrontierPS recognizes that in today’s Oil and Gas Industry, the volume of well and facilities field data generated is overwhelming; the key to unlocking the value of this data is through effective analysis – this ensures that operational decisions are fact, as opposed to opinion based.