Asset Life Cycle Liability Management

FrontierPS has the ability to manage your Asset life cycle including Licensee Liability Management Rating (LMR) and asset retirement solutions:

1. Comprehensive Production Gathering System Liability Management and Asset Retirement Solutions

i. In-depth understanding of the liability risks posed by aging and inactive assets
ii. Development of a plan to handle future retirement liabilities
iii. Oversee execution of decommissioning, abandonment & reclamation activities with focus on safety and cost

2. 4-stage Frontier liability management process

Stage 1 – Audit/Assess deemed Regulator LMR/LLR values for accuracy
Stage 2 – Select liability reduction activities
Stage 3 – Define program and budget
Stage 4 – Execute program

3. “One Stop Shop” for Life of Asset Liability Management

i. Allows companies to focus on strategic core business
ii. Regulatory compliance peace of mind
iii. Corporate Social Responsibility Report
iv. Liability Management Dashboard

Asset Life Cycle Liability Management Well, Field, Decommissioning, Abandonment & Reclamation