Project Planning and Execution

“…if we chase perfection then we can achieve excellence”

FrontierPS has the background, experience and talent to effectively plan and execute any drilling, completions and/or wellpad project. We use an Integrated Project Delivery Model (IPDM) in pursuit of project delivery excellence.

Frontier Project Solutions Detailed Engineering and Design

Key attributes of the IPDM:

  • Driven by a collaborative, multi-discipline perspective
  • Developed from a detailed set of scope and objectives in conjunction with Client
  • Disciplined protocol designed to drive any type of major construction project.

Project Services include:

  • Wellpad / wellsite development
  • Drilling & Completion design and execution
  • Triaxial & thermal stress tubular design including high pressure stimulation and HPHT applications
  • Field facilities design and construction management  
  • Well & field facility decommissioning, abandonment, and reclamation

Contractor Performance Management:

FrontierPS staff have significant experience with different contracting structures including 100% fixed price. We strive to ensure that all Contracts carefully consider the overall risks associated with the project and include appropriate performance incentive – this ensures effective risk management for the Client and all stakeholders, particularly when compared to traditional time based contracts.

chart for FrontierPS

The benefits for the Client under a Fixed/Unit Price Contract:

  1. Remain in control – The Client fully defines the project scope and objectives and remains in control of all activities that are critical to the success of the project e.g. geo-steering; stimulation operations etc.
  2. Minimizes operational risk – All the risk and liability associated with poor performance and non productive time (NPT) is the responsibility of Contractor.
  3. Capital certainty – Providing the project scope remains fixed, capital costs are also fixed. If the scope requires change for any reason, this is administered through a change in work scope contract amendment to ensure capital certainty.
  4. Reduces the number of dedicated Client staff or Consultants – FrontierPS and/or Contractor conducts all activities including detailed engineering and design, permitting, procurement, contracting and project management/Supervision.
  5. Allows the Client to re-assign the role of Prime Contractor – further reduces the risk profile and Client staff associated with the project. FrontierPS staff have project managed the only 100% fixed price well construction projects in Western Canada – we have witnessed first hand the benefits of this Contracting solution.

Ask us for details how we can help you to maximize the performance of all sub contractors.