• Frontier advantages

    Frontier Project Solutions

You’ve got a lot going for you with Frontier.

Whether it is successfully developing a new well or closing an old one, you want it done right. No surprises. No hassles. No worries. That’s precisely why organizations around the world count on Frontier.

Meticulous Project Planning

Our process includes more detailed planning for a simple reason – the more you know and anticipate, the surer the success. We have the background, experience and talent to effectively plan and execute any drilling, completions and/or well pad project. Our Integrated Project Delivery approach guarantees your project will go smoothly.

Experience earned from thousands of projects.

We are a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals passionate about engineering excellence. Our depth of experience in every aspect of well development – from initial planning to drilling to completions – means no surprises. You can have  complete confidence in success.

Detailed Engineering and Design

We place extreme emphasis on the value of detailed engineering and design. This is becoming more critical to ensure well integrity as the latest generation of unconventional horizontal wells push the limit in terms of lateral length and stimulation pressure.

Health, safety, environment and quality

Our people have extensive experience with the most effective HSEQ management systems around the globe. We ensure that all our projects meet world class standards with regards to the health and safety of all employees and contractors, and sustainable protection of the environment.

Prime Contractor

We are ready, willing and able to be Prime Contractor, taking on the legal role of responsibility for people on site. Our systems have been developed to take on these roles and give you with 100% peace-of-mind.

Asset Life Cycle Liability Management

We manage your assets life cycle including Licensee Liability Management Rating (LMR) and asset retirement solutions.

Data Analysis

The volume of well and facilities field data generated is invaluable. The key to unlocking the value of this data is through effective analysis – ensuring operational decisions are fact based as opposed to opinion based. Thanks to our deep experience, we know how to use data to drive success.



Our Team has designed countless HTHP/large diameter wells over decades.

  • Frontier advantages

    Frontier Project Solutions