Detailed Well Engineering and Design

FrontierPS places extreme emphasis on the value of detailed engineering and design. This is becoming more and more critical to ensure well integrity as the latest generation of unconventional horizontal wells push the limit in terms of lateral length and stimulation pressure.

Frontier staff have been involved of some of the most complex and challenging projects around the Globe – in this type of environment a problem arising from inadequate planning may result in a major safety, well control or lost time event.

FrontierPS follow a rigid protocol when it comes to planning well construction projects:

  • Define detailed work scope, objectives and project timing
  • Review offset well history
  • Develop a preliminary directional profile, casing design, setting depths and drilling fluids system
  • Develop a budgetary cost estimate outlining technical options and associated costs
  • Complete Final well design and AFE Class cost estimate
  • Complete detailed operational Program including KPI’s.

FrontierPS is able to perform the critical detailed engineering on your upcoming project using the latest generation Landmark Drilling and Completions software applications including:

  • Directional planning and sensitivity modelling,
  • Drill string/BHA design, Torque/drag and drilling mechanics (vibration analysis) modelling
  • Drilling hydraulics, Swab/surge modelling
  • Detailed casing design and cementing hydraulics
  • Triaxial & thermal stress tubular design including high pressure stimulation and HPHT applications

All detailed modelling is performed such that real time data collected during operations can be directly compared to the planning data. By conducting baseline modeling this way, if significant divergence is measured from actual vs. plan, proactive intervention can reduce the potential for significant well control or other non productive time events.