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A ground-breaking collaboration between Innotech Alberta, PTAC, Frontier Project Solutions, and Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) demonstrates that the energy sector is working domestically and internationally to address the challenges of climate change with new projects and processes to reduce a backlog of inactive wells, and to eliminate methane emissions from leaky wells.

Currently, the sector uses cement to construct or seal wells. This cement can sometimes crack, allowing methane from oil and gas reservoirs to surface. Leaking wells are often challenging to remediate, and when cement fails, multiple attempts may be required to close the well, increasing the financial liability.

An international project will begin momentarily to test five alternatives to cement designed to significantly reduce the risk associated with methane migration to the surface from inactive and leaky wells. Over the next two years, the collaboration will work with half a dozen production companies to test the different products. Once completed, the results of the tests will be shared broadly to educate producers and stakeholders about the benefits of these alternative products. Additional learnings will be disseminated during the testing phase to help companies reduce their environmental footprint.

Click here to learn more: https://www.ptac.org/international-cooperation-to-reduce-methane-emissions-for-inactive-leaky-wells/