DEEP achieves outstanding flow results in horizontal well test & Tom Kshchuk appointed COO

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. (the “Corporation” or “DEEP”) is pleased to announce the results of the Border-5HZ horizontal well.  This is the deepest horizontal well in Saskatchewan’s history and the first 90° horizontal fluid production well in the world to be drilled and hydraulically stimulated for geothermal power generation purpose.

The open hole well was tested using a coil tubing nitrogen lift test, which indicated high permeability and flow capability with an absolute open flow capacity in the order of 20,000 cubic metres per day (m3/d) or a productivity index of 0.55 m3/day/kPa.  Successful mechanical stimulation and production modeling indicate a highly productive well – twice the productivity of an unstimulated well.  This well will sustain commercial production rates (100 litres/sec), while minimizing fluid drawdown.  Future production rates will be constrained by well design and pump capacity….

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